Replace your cash register with a solution that works for you.

First Data offers a fully integrated, PC-based terminal solution designed specifically for retailers. The First Data™ Retail solution combines a personal computer, inventory management software and payment processing system so you can do more than speed-up checkout times. This solution tailored for retailers helps you track purchases, manage inventory, check prices and make better business decisions.

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in transaction processing and touch-screen convenience for faster checkout times and increased customer satisfaction
  • Streamline store management – eliminate time-consuming, paper-based tracking, and confirm prices and inventory with ease
  • Minimize theft and shrinkage
  • Generate real-time sales and inventory reports or purchase orders based on reorder points and restock levels
  • Boost store traffic and sales – screen prompts cashiers to cross-sell and up-sell
  • System tracks customer visits and purchase histories to offer more personalized service and custom sale programs
  • Retail-tested hardware – for dependable performance in the most demanding locations, plus installation support, training, customer service
  • A three-year warranty with no monthly maintenance fees

Industries Served

  • Convenience stores
  • General/specialty retail
  • Liquor stores
  • Tobacco stores

*Rate applies to retail card-present transactions with an average ticket up to $350. Some types of businesses are subject to different rates.

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