A revolutionary partnership:

Google, First Data, Citi and MasterCard® joined together to bring the latest innovation in commerce to life—a virtual wallet on a smartphone that will make your phone your wallet. Together, they launched Google Wallet to millions of tech savvy consumers and merchants, changing the face of commerce.

Get ready for it. It’s here.


Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google has developed Google Wallet, an app that makes your phone your wallet. Tap, pay, and save using virtual cards and offers on your phone.


Citi is proud to be the lead bank at the launch of Google Wallet, playing an important role in bringing a valuable service to today's busy and value conscious on-the-go consumers. Citi has a long and successful history of innovation and partnership with great firms around the globe. The Google Wallet supports Citi's position as the global leader in payments and brings to life the vision for Citi to be the world's digital bank.


As a launch partner, MasterCard® joined with Google, Citi and First Data to introduce Google Wallet, a mobile app designed to help consumers make purchases at the point of sale with an NFC-enabled mobile phone. At the heart of Google Wallet is MasterCard’s innovative and well-established contactless PayPass® technology that provides consumers with a fast and convenient alternative to cash for their everyday purchases.


First Data is powering key parts of Google Wallet with:

Trusted Service Manager

TSM from First Data enables Google Wallet to securely connect payment cards into the virtual wallet. Built “as a service”, our solution offers the most scalable and cost-effective TSM service available today for end-to-end lifecycle management of accounts on mobile devices. It was built with security as a top priority. Banks can integrate with the TSM with ease and at a low cost by integrating once and quickly deploying out to multiple Mobile Wallets as needed.

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Contactless Terminals

First Data leads the charge to enable small merchants to accept Google Wallet through contactless point-of-sale terminals that accept MasterCard® PayPass® and other contactless payments. Merchants can quickly and easily adopt the FD-30 PIN Pad or FD-20 Contactless Reader to securely process Google Wallet payments. The FD-30 offers merchants more flexibility by accepting traditional forms of payment in addition to contactless ones.

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Prepaid by Money Network

Google Wallet includes a prepaid card enabled by Money Network, a First Data company. With it, consumers can start using Google Wallet immediately without using a credit card. Backed by First Data’s history of innovation and 17 years of expertise in prepaid solutions, Money Network prepaid cards are in use by over 1.3M active cardholders.

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