Google Wallet is here!

The mobile revolution is affecting every part of life, from music, to computing, to photography. And very soon, the millions of Americans who own mobile phones will no longer need their old leather wallets either. All of the credit cards, offers, loyalty and gift cards those wallets hold will migrate to their devices.

First Data has partnered with Google to make Google Wallet a fast, easy, and safe way to pay. Millions of people can tap, pay, and save as they check out at stores like yours, equipped to accept Google Wallet. So join the movement and give people what they want.

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Why Accept Google Wallet?

There are so many reasons to equip your store to accept Google Wallet. Here’s how Google Wallet helps your business:

  • Serve your customers better, with a faster, safer, more convenient payment option
  • Attract a higher-income, higher-spending customer
  • Appeal to a younger generation that does everything on their mobile devices
  • Appeal to a younger generation that does everything on their mobile devices
  • And soon, push offers directly to nearby shoppers in the market for products you stock, rewarding these and other customers simply and easily

…all of which drives more traffic through your doors.


Start Accepting Google Wallet Today

How it works

Google Wallet couldn’t be easier to accept. Your team member rings up a purchase, asks “Cash, credit or Google Wallet?”, and may have to push the terminal’s credit button. The customer enters a PIN on the phone, taps the terminal’s reader with their phone…and that’s it. Done. No change, no hassles.

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Look for these symbols at checkout.

Tap your phone on the contactless reader. The lights will flash, you’re all paid and on your way

  • Virtual Cards

    Whether one card or twenty, Google Wallet creates digital versions of credit cards and stores them neatly on consumers’ phones.

  • Wireless Connections

    A Google Wallet enabled phone includes a secure chip and a radio frequency antenna (aka NFC or Near Field Communications). When the phone is tapped against a contactless reader, the phone transmits payment details wirelessly, the consumer receives verification, and no card ever gets swiped.

  • Contactless Readers

    Google Wallet works on a variety of contactless readers, including the First Data FD-30 and FD-20 models (both pictured above). The FD-30 reader offers the most comprehensive solution with a PIN pad that accepts traditional payment forms as well as Google Wallet, MasterCard® PayPass®, and other contactless transactions.

  • Secure Transactions

    Credit cards are stored on a secure chip inside the phone, which is protected by both a PIN and screen lock. The secure encryption technology of MasterCard® PayPass® protects your credit card credentials as they are transferred from the phone to the contactless reader. Together, these security features go beyond what’s possible with traditional cards.

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